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IMPORTANT UPDATE ABOUT: ACE (The U.S CBP system of record for processing air manifest transactions.) On June 7th, US ports started using ACE to process air manifest transactions in real time. After the implementation, as with any software application, a few issues have been identified. U.S. Customs and Border Protection through the Cargo Systems Messaging […]

Laser Printer Health Tips

If you’re considering purchasing a laser printer for your office, there are a few health issues raised by a study in 2007 by Queensland University of Technology that you should consider. This study states that laser printers and copiers emit toner dust and volatile organic compounds that are harmful and cause cancer, lung issues, and a […]

Saving with Refillable and Recycled ink cartridges

There are two ways to refurbish a printer cartridge; a cartridge can be simply refilled or it can be re-manufactured. Deciding on which one will work better for your needs will depend on what type of printing will be done. Printing pages for personal reading or forms will require a different quality than a display sheet or a presentation with photographs. The color […]