Hard Drive Erasure Options to Protect Sensitive Data on Your End of Lease Copier

Virtually all copiers and office machines manufactured in the last ten years contain data storage capabilities that enable these devices to retain images of any documents that were printed or copied on it.  Those images and their data are saved in the system memory even after the copier is unplugged.

Data erasure or data sanitization is a technology driven technique that removes any sensitive data on a storage device. Traditional file deletion does not completely remove data; it simply removes the pointers that direct users to the data.  The data can still be recovered using standard software so it provides little security to you.  Destruction of the hard drive is one way to resolve this issue, but it leaves the storage media unusable.  This is why data erasure is recommended.

Software based data erasure overwrites the information with meaningless data, rather than deleting it.  Standard deletion methods leave room for risks of data breach which can lead to issues such as identity theft or failure to reach regulatory compliance.  Often times, true data erasure methods will contain several overwrites in order to reach recognized government and industry standards.  Properly executed software should provide data erasure verification which is necessary for industry standards.

Remarketing Solutions International provides safe and secure data sanitization that will assure your sensitive data has been removed.

We offer two erasure options that are unique in the way they remove the information from your copier.

  1. Erase the copier’s hard drive with the system’s software.  This is considered a level 1 erasure.  However, instead of deleting the information it only makes it more difficult for someone to retrieve the data stored in the equipment.  This memory clear process does not completely erase the data from the equipment’s storage media.

  2. Erase the hard drive using external software called Paragon. Both PC Magazine and Mac World rated Paragon software with four and a half stars making it one of the safest sanitization programs on the market. This erasure meets the Department of Defense (DOD) standards. This is considered a level 3 erasure. This option is highly recommended if the equipment has sensitive data such as medical records, IRS/tax information, or social security/credit card information.

Once the process is completed we will provide you with a certificate validating the work done on your copier machine.

With a variety of erasure options, RSI highly recommends that you take advantage of this service.  Protect yourself and the data of your customers by utilizing our hard drive erasure services.  For more information, or to set up one of our hard drive erasure options contact our Asset Services Department by dialing 800-332-2946 or email them at info@rsillc.net.



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