IBPI Gives Out Checks During ITEX


By Andy Slawetsky – IBPI held their annual rebate give-back to their members during the recent ITEX convention at the MGM hotel in Las Vegas.

To celebrate, IBPI held a cocktail hour during the event with food and drinks right next door to ITEX at the end of the first full day.

IBPI is the office equipment industry’s biggest buying group and they’ve negotiated top level pricing with tons of brands you’re already buying (at higher prices).

Georgann Gelsi, ESP and Chip Miceli, PulseTechnology

As a member, you get best pricing from ESP, Katun, Polek & Polek, Continuum, Clover and so many more.

And the best part is, each purchase you make from member vendors gets you cash back at the end of the year.

Mark Grice, IBPI

This year IBPI gave nearly a million dollars back to their member dealers. I believe the one-time cost to join is $500 and if you quit they give you your money back. You won’t quit though; items you already buy will quickly pay back that $500 membership fee and from then on you’ll enjoy best pricing and a fat check at the end of each year.

What’s not to love?

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SOURCE Industry Analysts

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