New Website Launch with Expanded Capabilities

Here at RSI, we understand that technology and web based capabilities are the wave of the future.  Long past are the days of only interacting over the phone or face to face.  Running a business with a global client base makes it imperative for us to maintain communication with our clients around the clock through multiple channels.  Based on this, we have expanded our website to include the following capabilities:

  • Robust inventory search – search our daily inventory of copiers and printers by make, model, meter, location, and other specifications.
  • Submit order requests from search page – simply check the machines that you would like to purchase and a request will be sent to our sales team to make a sale.
  • Live Auctions – place bids in real time with our new automated auction capability.
  • Ebay Store – direct access to our Ebay Store for special sales on machines, toners, and other products.
  • Deals and Promotions – keep up to date on all our current promotions that are updated weekly.
  • Freight Quotes – need a quote to move equipment?  Simply enter your information into the website and a representative will contact you with a quote.
  • Blog – stay up to date on RSI’s company news and events through our blog.
  • Newsfeed – keep up with current industry news and trends though our newsfeed.

We look forward to the exciting new changes that are coming to our website.  We would also appreciate any feedback that you have about this website.  Feel free to contact us with your thoughts, questions, or concerns.

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