Top 3 Ways To Re-engage Students In The Classroom

What technology can teachers use to get kids off their own devices and get them involved in the lesson? In today’s classrooms, most students have their own school-issued devices and a personal device or maybe two. This distracts students and frustrates teachers every day. Technology should enhance student learning and support instruction, while not detracting […]

What’s the Cost of a Bad Customer Experience to an In-Plant?

Blog #3 of Customer Experience Series

By Howie Fenton for RSA – You will be shocked when you hear the estimated costs to companies that have suffering from a bad customer experience. While the numbers are based on big companies selling consumer products, in-plants should be asking what the potential cost of a bad customer experience is for a typical in-plant. In this third article in our series about customer experience, we will estimate the cost to in-plants.

Before talking about the different costs associated with the customer experience for in-plants, we should define how much of the customer experience as used in the commercial world is relevant to the in-plant world. The graphic below from offers one view of the different aspects of the customer experience.

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Web to Print Boosts Volumes at Framingham University

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THE RIDE FOR JILLIAN – May 18, 2019: Toad Suck and SUVs

By JB “Papa” Brostrom – Early risers were greeted with angry skies and impending moisture. Papa exclaimed the night before that we would ride at 8:30 or 11:00 depending on weather and the decision would be made by 8:00. Watching morning radar and seeing the daily progression, two decisions were made…by 7:00.  Weather forced us to bypass the day long trek to Southern Oklahoma and take US 70 to Little Rock. This would have had us travel on the “Corporal Michael Ayre Thompson Memorial Highway. Michael’s father and Pack member had spent the days prior preparing the sign posts for us. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas. We were heartbroken. We would need to stay on I40 and get East as soon as possible.  2nd decision? We leave ASAP!  The word went out, via the wrong text string (since Papa has the pen in this group we won’t talk about blame) to saddle up immediately. Papa went into the breakfast and told a sweaty post workout Judge in his speedo that we were leaving in 10 minutes.  This was a bit of a stretch but it was go time.

Now it is an understatement that with the Interwebs, smart phones (and watches), EVERYONE is a meteorologist. “We have a 4 minute window if we leave now…”. This group can’t introduce themselves in 4 minutes! All Papa knew is that the East-er we get the sooner (Oklahoma reference) we can do it, the dryer will be our day. The rain came. The rub is that it will not stop coming so we still needed to get East. Rain gear donned. 7:30am is here and “most” are at their bikes. Where’s GQ? We see the Make Great American Leasing ladies enter the RV.  Raj, Judge Goldberg, and Paul Berg Youngberg fire up the RV and the move into position to make a quick exit. Judge wants to know GPS coordinates for the next fuel stop. Papa explains that we’re winging it… Whenever we get dry but not before 60 or 70 miles-ish. There is a GQ spotting. He is hurrying… a GQ hurry is still a saunter. Several Pack members have been attempting to perfect the GQ saunter. JBro has the edge thus far.  Bikes are rolled out into starting positions. Rain is torrential. Some are questioning the timing of our departure in the rain. Boner tells us he is nervous. Meteorologist Slaw is announcing we stay and this will be over in a couple of hours. Perhaps, but it will be heading where we’er heading. Papa sounds the horn. Is GQ ready? No. As Fish explains, GQ must apply his hair product before donning his protective cover. In fairness, it is dangerous to rush rush rush a motorcycle departure when alone… it is worse when in formation.  Finally, GQ is pretty enough to fire up his  Harley and fall into formation. We depart the hotel parking lot, RV in tow. We move through a couple of traffic lights toward I40. IT is 8:06. Papa is internally pleased. We will have 20 minutes of heavy rain and then be in the clear. GQ fell out of rank at the final light and pulls off to the side. Papa continues to lead the pack over the interstate and left onto the on-ramp. Knowing we leave no Pack behind, Papa slows to a stop on the on-ramp. With an RV tow the locals trying to get to work can wait. Also, we will not navigate a temporary fishing hole that the rain has left on the on-ramp. Turns out GQ, in his haste, had neglected to zip us his rain gear.  Thus after a minute or two he is roaring over the over pass and falls into position. We’re off. Slowly and gently. Our hotel was on the West side of OKC so we will navigate the interstate system in heavy rain and night style driving as the morning sun was severely depressed by the angry skies. We progressed smoothly and efficiently. By the time we make the East side of OKC and Tinker Air Force Base the rain was light and steady and nor longer torrential. The Eastern horizon skies were not so angry. We progressed. Soon we had dry road and were able to get to highway speeds. 70 miles out we pulled off for a fuel stop and had been out of rain for 30 miles. Now Papa The Tyrant is Papa the Genius.  At least the Make Great American Leasing ladies thought so.


We intended to make this a quick stop and get going east as quickly as possible. Slaw peed in record time. Some removed the pants portion of rain gear but it is bad juju to remove it all until the skies are clear. The next stop was selected and sent to GQ and the RV. Slaw was informed he would have to hold the bladder for 140 miles. Wince.

The next 68 miles were uneventful. Light traffic, dry skies and road.  It was an hour of so of riding zen. All Pack members in lock step/roll. It is really a heavy metal ballet.

At the 68 mile mark Papa noticed there was a rest stop exit. Signage informed us there were no facilities. The Pack needs no porcelain. We rolled off and into the empty parking area. As the RV followed us in the Make Great America Leasing ladies informed Judge that there were no facilities. Judge informed them that the great green forest would suffice. There are probably photos of this event… unfortunately.

Barry Simon (President, Datamax AR)

This was just a quick bio break. Papa sounded the horn. Motors were fired up.  Papa looked into his rear view and say Lone star on the ground under Paco’s bike.  Engines off. Thank goodness it was a false alarm. Engines roar again and we’re off to our next fuel stop. This will be a  longer fuel, bio and nourishment stop about an hour out.

Again we had very little traffic, dry conditions and smooth sailing. An hour later we pulled into our stop and fueled up. Most removed rain gear. All went for nourishment. Some abandoned the Wendy’s as this particular fast food establishment was fast food without the fast. Papa, JBro and Boner were sitting and eating the un-fast food. Apparently, in the parking area the wannabe meteorologists were beginning to panic. A coup was formed. Slaw would lead the Papa-JBro-Boner-less Pack back onto I40 east at slow highway speeds and the three of us would catch up. Lone Star was appointed to inform Papa. He sheepishly made his announcement and ran to the parking area. Wendy’s was consumed quickly and the three amigos walked to the parking area. Watched the group saddle up and roar off. No Pack left behind… unless they have Minnesota roots apparently. This was to avoid rain.

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Editorial note, too much information is more dangerous than not enough.

Papa, JBro, and Boner saddled up, fired up and proceeded to I40 east. As we hurried east to eventually catch up we crossed into Arkansas. Progress!  We noticed some heavily wet roads but experienced no rainfall. 25 miles ahead we roared past the RV or the Mars’ Rover Rover. 5 miles further we caught the tail of the Pack and slid into position. Lone Star graciously backed off and made room tor Boner. Slaw on the other hand was quite reluctant to fall back and move over. After some gesticulating he acquiesced. Finally Papa and JBro were able to get into formation. Later we learned the coup was successful in riding into rain at 15 mph over the limit. Apparently Slaw thought it a permanent coup. Lone Star backed in down so we could actually gain ground.  Did I mention three of us stayed completely dry?

With the formation reset we continued east. Next fuel stop would be in Toad Suck Arkansas. Look it up. By this time the Pack was riding under clear skies and hot Arkansas temps.  What a change from the morning! Skies were calm but traffic had become angry.  A lovely white SUV  got in between the RV and Paco and caused Paco to experience the rumble strips to avoid contact. This SUV, was someone important and in a hurry apparently. The traffic causing us to be in the left lane quickly impeded our SUV friend and the pack proceeded on without him. Soon traffic opened int he right lane and Papa moved the group over. Soon our SUV savant’ roared up the left lane a bit angrily and made a NASCAR lane change into the right lane causing Papa and therefore the entire Pack to hit the brakes.

Toad Suck didn’t. We fueled and noticed a Toad Suck Harley dealer so we made the decision to stop and stretch. We needed to make a left turn through and uncontrolled intersection. In a retail area on a Saturday mid-afternoon.  Boner and Lone Star rolled out carefully and stopped traffic. All the locals stopped and graciously allowed us to safely reenter the roadway and give time for Boner and Lone Star to rejoin us.

The Pack


The t-shirts at the Toad Suck (never gets old to say) Harley didn’t disappoint.

After a leisurely stop we fired up to make the final 30 minutes trek to our hotel. Papa put the hotel address into the Harley GPS navigation. Lone Star informed us GQ was still inside sauntering. He needed a part. We were told to go with out Lone Star and GQ and they would catch up. Paco missed the message. We rolled out and to the traffic lights. Paco roared to the front to let Papa know we left the other two. Paco learned it was pre-arranged and we were off. The ride into Little Rock was uneventful with the exception that HD GPS was close… not accurate. A quick use of the interweb’s Google app and soon we were at the hotel. Mars’ Rover was there along with GQ and one Star.  All was well.

Along the way Judge talked with our dinner host, Barry Simon of Datamax, and informed him we would be on time at 7:30pm.  Barry replied that 7:30 was fine with the exception the hired masseuse was arriving at 5:00 and dinner is served at 5:30.  So much for a nap exclaimed Fish.

Severe weather was looming so we made the decision to park strategically under the hotel canopy while leaving room for an auto and fire lane.  Apparently earlier in the day a hotel patron parked his SUV (red not white) in a manner that blocked traffic as well as pedestrian entry into the hotel. After a few hours (or one according to the patron) the hotel had the auto towed..This last sentence is foreshadowing.

Lone Star arranged the bikes to conform to the wishes of the hotel staff. Still out of harms way from the angry skies. All is well. The text went out, to the proper string, that all members were to gather in the lobby at 5:00 for our 10 minute ride to the Simon residence. Our transportation method?  Mars’ Rover piloted by Rover. The Make Great American Leasing ladies called for an Uber.  Can’t blame them for not wanting to join 13 stinky (well the leathers are stinky) guys in a cramped standing/laying room only RV.  Are we in high school?!

The Make Great American Leasing ladies were joined by Lady Patricia Ames from Rota Spain. BPO Media in the house!!! The three ladies called an Uber.

Jennie Fisher (GA), Patricia Ames (BPO Media), Kim Louden (GA)

We arrived at 5:25pm, pulled the Mars’ Rover Rover into the Simon driveway and climbed out… like rats off a ship.. in the rain. The Simon’s welcomed us graciously. Barry led us to his outdoor/indoor man cave… castle. We were treated with adult and not-adult hydration. Better yet a BBQ spread fit for royalty… better still… a masseuse was waiting to give each of us a 10 – 15 minute neck and back kneading. We are shortly going to become entitled Rock Stars! We do believe this is how Paco lives his entire life. He gets home from work and Mrs. Paco provides a beverage and some needed kneading (lol).

JBro, Papa, and Boner (Left to Right)

Thanks to Pack remote support (Jenna Stramaglio) the new cuts (vests for the non-SOA watchers) arrived via UPS on a Saturday night to the Simon residence. This allowed us to make the ceremonial presentation to the 5 new Patriots Pack members. Paco presented  the coveted cuts to Rover, Berg and Judge…The Judge. These come with a price.  Recipients are required to sing their high school fight song, university fight song, or a patriotic song in return for this honored cut. Rover is promising a performance in DC later in the week.  Judge is still contemplating (as judges do) his song of choice.  Berg asked Papa to help with a duet of God Bless America. Apparently this octogenarian had had enough of Papa being the lone pitch bitch and started to sing loud and proud… and very well I might add. Papa backed off and tried a bit of harmony as Berg led the group in song. Epic! Judge and Rover have big big shoes to fill.  Next, Papa was given the honor of bestowing cuts to JBro and Boner. A brief ceremonial presentation and photo op ensued. Next, theses two brothers needed to perform to officially become Pack brothers. They stepped up together and had a look of preparation. Papa was understandably nervous as the 10 and 15 year old version of these brothers may have done….well anything!  Soon a very rousing rendition of the Star Spangled Banner ensued.  Boner even pantomimed some rockets red and glaring. Toward the end, and if I am lying I am dying, the heavens began rolling thunder as though we had a fighter jet flyover. More than a few had a tear drop. Proud father. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful night. I won’t say it was a happy ending because a masseuse was involved.

The Judge himself (aka Bob Goldberg)

Kick stand up at 10:00am Sunday. Memphis is in our sights.

Epilog. Arriving back at the hotel we checked on our rides and made sure all bags, pockets, and forks were locked. A gentleman was pensively wandering around. A squad car from Little Rock’s finest pulled up. The gentleman had called for the officer. Seems the hotel had his red SUV towed for doing just what these bikers were doing. Gentleman wanted an official civil complaint report. LRPD officer explained that no fire lane was being blocked and no entrance to the hotel was being blocked. Earlier in the day the Gentleman’s red SUV was blocking both. Actually disallowing a disabled wheel chair bound hotel patron access to the front door… while he napped upstairs. As this was being explained the same wheel chair bound patron’s van pulls up and comfortably exited the van and entered the hotel. Case closed… bump bump (that’t she Law and Order scene chime).


Papa & The Pack

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Béflex Adopts EFI End-to-End Ecosystem with FESPA Purchase of Midmarket Print Productivity Suite

MUNICH, GERMANY — 16 May 2019 — Béflex, a PoC (Point of Communication) print expert company, will streamline its operations while strengthening business management capabilities in digital inkjet display graphics production with the purchase of an EFI™ Midmarket Print Productivity Suite, which features at its core EFI Pace™ ERP software. The Budapest-based company purchased the comprehensive business and production workflow suite from Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (Nasdaq:EFII) on the opening day of the FESPA Global Print Expo.

Béflex is one of Europe’s most progressive users of advanced EFI superwide-format printing technologies, and was one of the first businesses worldwide to run EFI’s latest-generation VUTEk® roll-to-roll and VUTEk h series hybrid LED superwide-format inkjet printers. The suite will integrate with Béflex’s superwide-format printers and the EFI Fiery® digital front ends (DFEs) used to drive the printers, creating a highly automated, streamlined, and data-driven business and production management workflow.

For Lászlo Bárán, Béflex’s CEO, adding the suite is in an investment in his employees’ productivity, as it will eliminate much of the work staff spend today on administrative management, working from spreadsheets and pulling and entering data into several separate, non-integrated software programs.

We have been looking for a software for several years to optimise our business, and we wanted an end-to-end solution,” said Bárán. “The Midmarket Print Suite with Pace provided what we are looking for, from quoting to delivery, and it means our staff will be able to spend less time doing administrative tasks and more time more on production tasks.”


The suite, combined with EFI VUTEk printers and Fiery DFE integration, provides a robust solution with certified workflows. Users can automate, track, and gain insight through customised reporting to understand what is happening on their shop floor and make better decisions to boost their bottom line. Along with advanced, best-in-class technologies for estimating and quoting, job submission and order entry, scheduling, accounting, shipping and fulfilment, Béflex’s suite will include a Super Wide Format component feature specifically developed to drive efficiency and automation in display graphics production.

Several new capabilities in the latest version of the Midmarket Print Productivity Suite are designed to enhance display graphics performance, including cross-job ganging and roll media management tools. Newly improved data collection tools in the suite reduce the steps operators take in tracking jobs, while also streamlining scheduling processes, particularly for fast-turnaround digital inkjet work.

Implementation of the Midmarket Print Productivity Suite at Béflex’s facility is expected to begin in the coming weeks.

Printing and packaging professionals across the globe rely on EFI’s portfolio of workflow products to manage their businesses and become more streamlined, efficient, informed and profitable. For more information,

IMAGE CAPTION: (L to R) Adrian Zesinger (EFI EPS Western Sales Director), Béflex CEO Lászlo Bárán, and Stephan Stark (EFI EPS Dach Sales Development Manager) discuss the EFI™ Midmarket Print Productivity Suite at FESPA.

About EFI

EFI™ is a global technology company, based in Silicon Valley, and is leading the worldwide transformation from analogue to digital imaging. We are passionate about fueling customer success with products that increase competitiveness and boost productivity. To do that, we develop breakthrough technologies for the manufacturing of signage, packaging, textiles, ceramic tiles, and personalized documents, with a wide range of printers, inks, digital front ends, and a comprehensive business and production workflow suite that transforms and streamlines the entire production process. (

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First UK Corrugated Manufacturer Purchases EFI Nozomi Single-Pass Corrugated Board Press

# # #

NOTE TO EDITORS: The EFI logo, VUTEk and Fiery are registered trademarks of Electronics For Imaging, Inc. in the U.S. and/or certain other countries. EFI and Pace are trademarks of Electronics For Imaging, Inc. in the U.S. and/or certain other countries. All other terms and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners, and are hereby acknowledged.

Nothing herein should be construed as a warranty in addition to the express warranty statements provided with EFI products and services.

This news release contains forward-looking statements, that are statements other than statements of historical fact including words such as “anticipate”, “believe”, “estimate”, “expect”, “consider”, “plan” and similar, any statements related to strategies or objectives of management for future operations, products, development, performance, any statements of assumptions or underlying any of the foregoing and any statements in the future tense.

Forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause our actual or future results to differ materially. For further information regarding risks and uncertainties associated with EFI’s businesses, please refer to the risk factors section in the Company’s SEC filings, including, but not limited to, its annual report on Form 10-K and its quarterly reports on Form 10-Q. EFI undertakes no obligation to update information contained herein, including forward-looking statements.

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THE RIDE FOR JILLIAN – May 17, 2019: ImageNet Hosts the Pack!

By John “Papa” Brostrom – Oh boy.

The Pack was not pleased  with having to be wheels rolling at 6:00am MDT. Our destination was Oklahoma City but… we had an appointment to visit ImageNet upon our arrival.  Little did we know just how vitally important would be our “relatively” on-time arrival. Given we had 522 miles and we lose an hour crossing into CDT. We had 7.5 hours of actual travel time thus in a perfect world we arrive at 2:00pm. Riding on two wheels with a Pack of 10, one of whom has a literal peanut bladder (or a prostate the size of a grapefruit), is not the perfect world.

The plan was to stop first in Santa Rosa for fuel and a quick McMuffin. This would be about 110 miles… or 80 in Andymath.  We knew the ride out would be cool but quickly we hit 55 degrees. The air was smooth and calm. The road was virtually trafficless. The sun was rising with some light cloud cover so it wasn’t blinding as we headed east. Shortly after Cline’s Corner the temp dropped a bit. I believe the lowest was 47 degrees. Cool but not uncomfortable.

By the time we rolled into Santa Rosa the temp was up.  We fueled and met in the Golden Arches parking lot. The RV had fallen back –   or the Pack had roared off without them and accounting for an RV climb out of ABQ we arrived well before them. It is interesting to note that the gents in the RV make us feel like pampered rock stars. We pull in for gas (or pee) and as we are lingering near the bikes checking messages and planning next stops we have water and snacks handed to us. Quite a luxury provided to the riders by Judge, Raj, and Berg. These dudes are adamant they get to all our stops to serve us refreshments. Thank you.

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The ride into Texas and Oklahoma was none eventful… repeated short distance stops… over and over and over and over! The word of the day was WIND. We spent the bulk of the day in a constant reverse NASCAR right hand turn in order to stay straight. We pushed it hard and rolled into the hotel parking lot shortly at 4:00pm. Bert and his buddy Captain had come in from Iowaiga were waiting there to re-join the Pack. Also JBro arrived from H-Town so as we rolled in were are now 13 strong.  Also Jennie and Kim from GreatAmerica  joined the Pack!.  It’s a party now! This place is lit!  It’s going to get turnt! (<—for the record – I, Jenna Stramaglio, do not approve of such language used by someone who is well beyond the appropriate age of using such slang 😆).

To our delight and amazement two of Oklahoma City’s finest, on their motorcycles, were there to give us an escort to ImageNet.  Friday afternoon rush hour traffic and we had a smooth ride in.  All intersections were blocked and we were Rock Stars… Jillian Rock Stars! The motorcade rolled through downtown OKC, up Broadway,  left on 8th street, and we followed the officers into an alley.  As we rolled into the alley we could see a very large contingent of ImageNet personnel waiting in the parking lot. Cameras, cheering, welcoming!  It is such an amazing feeling to experience this kind of welcome. A constant reinforcement of our mission and motivation to do this. ImageNet rolled out the red carpet. It quite literally brings tears to our eyes when we receive these welcomes.

We had an epic meet and greet. The ImageNet team were awesome hosts.  We had a spread of sandwiches, chips, and and and dessert!  An ice cream cookie bar that was outstanding. Monica/Amber (she was confused) gave an awesome tour. I’ve heard that the real Monica gave an equally fantastic tour.  The best part of the evening was Ms. Major Payne (the other Amber) was already working on how to make this stop more epic next year!

We’re amazed and humbled at how this thing grows! Good things beget good things.

We made our way back to the hotel pining for a shower. After showers we congregated at the RV for some wine, cocktails, and Goldberg prepared hors d’oeuvres. We have truly been pampered by the Mars International RV with messers Goldberg, Raj and Youngberg… along with Jennie and Kim from Make Great America Leasing Again.

That would have constituted a Great day but the epic part had just begun.  Boner, JBro, and Fish walked over to get some Buffalo Wild Wings and the crew retired from the RV to the hotel pool deck. This crew took over the area and a lone un-attached hotel guest braved the onslaught and stayed. He was quiet and kept to himself. Soon Goldberg re-opens the bar on the pool deck and our wings arrived. Good conversation and consumption ensued. After dinner we apologized to our guest after engaging him in the conversation. We found his name is AJ and he is in training for the FAA. We needed to be nice to him as he will be keeping us safe in the skies soon. Then we found out he is a Marine Vet. We thanked this Jar Head for his service. AJ decided to participate in the Spanish Inquisition. What an honest young man. Tomorrow will be a weather dicey day. Time to wrap it up and get some rest.



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Konica Minolta and All Covered Participate in Ride for Jillian

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Sawgrass Announces Expansion of Partnership with Ricoh

Sawgrass Technologies announces the expansion of its partnership with RICOH to continue its five-year relationship for desktop dye sublimation systems. With this extension Sawgrass remains the only partner for Ricoh in the desktop sublimation market.
“While Sawgrass has been the pioneer with digital dye sublimation products for over 30 years, we brought an unprecedented level of quality and consistency to dye sublimation customers five years ago with our Ricoh relationship,” said Sawgrass president Darcy Mauro. “By matching the industry’s highest quality inks with superior RICOH printhead technology, Sawgrass has been able to supply the widest color gamut in the industry while delivering the best substrate performance possible, all within the limits of dye sublimation.”

“We supply the authorized printer cartridges exclusively to Sawgrass, which are optimized for the best printer performance possible. We look forward to continue working with Sawgrass for many more years to come,” added Tetsuya Morita, GM of Ricoh’s Industrial Printing Business Group.

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ITEXtv Coverage of Jillian Ride

On the heels of an incredibly successful show, ITEX Imaging & Technology Education Exposition is proud to announce ITEXtv.

To kick off ITEXtv, we are covering this year’s Ride for Jillian. We’ll follow our industry’s own Patriots Pack as they make their way across the country to raise money for The Jillian Fund.

Is ITEX Back? What’s Happenin’ at ITEX.

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HP Reinvents Print Experiences for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Pros

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 20, 2019—Working together just got simpler. Meet HP’s app-based and cloud connected multi-function printer portfolio designed for the architecture, engineering and design community. With seamless set-up and cloud-based connectivity, the portfolio is designed to print, scan and copy from virtually anywhere, with smart apps, interfaces and overall fewer “clicks” to print. Easy and direct “ready when you are” printing means teams of all sizes can better collaborate and move projects forward faster and more efficiently.

The new HP DesignJet T1600 printers and T2600 MFPs, and HP DesignJet XL 3600 MFP are the latest additions to the world’s most secure Large Format printers.[1]HP’s security technology provides the best network protection and keeps the fleet secure, to help prevent print related data loss that can cost $400,000 on average per year.[2]

HP is also introducing HP PageWide XL 3900 to help teams boost efficiency. Completing the portfolio are new printers for small business and home. The new HP DesignJet T100 and T500 are compact and designed to complement smaller workspaces requiring faster data and mobile communications.

“7 out of 10 architects are being regularly interrupted during work to print for colleagues.[3]This seemingly small challenge means there is friction that is holding them back from the next great project,”saysGuayente Sanmartín, general manager and global head, HP Large Format Design Printing. “HP is leading the transformation in Large Format for small to medium-size businesses so the workplace printing experience feels as smart and easy as it does at home, enhanced with security for peace-of-mind.”

The new HP DesignJet T1600 and T2600, HP DesignJet XL 3600 MFP, and HP PageWide XL 3900 MFP features:

HP DesignJet T1600 and T2600 – Engineered for collaboration

  • Scan:
    • Capturing changes is easier than ever with background removal, skew and quick sets.
  • Easy and direct printing
    • The new 15.6” smart interface allows easy access to project folders or USB files directly from the touchscreen of the device with a few clicks.
  • HP Click
    • The HP Click printing software allows for easy printing of project sets and PDF documents, with two times less clicks.[4]
  • HP Smart
    • The HP Smart app enables printing and scanning capabilities for individuals on the go, using mobile devices.
  • Speed
    • With printing speeds up to 170 A1/h, project delivery times unleash superior performance and completion rates.
  • Automatic Stacking
    • The printers provide ready to use multi-size stacking from A4 to A0 – up to 100 A1.
  • Security
    • HP Secure Boot and Whitelisting keep your network protected, while HP JetAdvantage Security Manager keeps fleets secure.

HP DesignJet XL 3600 MFP – A new standard with the most immediate and robust MFP in the market

The HP DesignJet XL 3600 MFP was designed to create a new standard of reliability. It is optimized to deliver immediate results through the fastest first page out in the market, so that designers do not need to wait in front of the printer.

  • Sustainable hardware
    • The printer is comprised of 25% recycled parts.[5]
  • Lower running costs
    • The printer is designed to reduce running costs, with up to 10 times less energy consumption than comparable LED printers.[6]
  • Reduced footprint
    • A good fit for the office and environment, the printer is more compact than previous models and produces 30% less footprint.[7]
  • Silent operation
    • With noise levels reaching a maximum of 42db, the printer operates silently to complement office spaces.[8]
  • Easier media handling
    • The integrated top stacker holds up to 100 pages.
    • 2 spindle-less drawers enable automatic media loading.2-in-1 features consolidate monochrome and color printing into a single device.
  • Security
    • HP Secure Boot and Whitelisting keep your network protected, while HP JetAdvantage Security Manager keeps fleets secure.

HP PageWide XL 3900 MFP Printer – New addition to the production portfolio

To complement the production portfolio for technical departments, HP is also introducing HP PageWide XL 3900 to help teams work even faster, save costs and consolidate two devices into one with mono and color printing.

  • Fast access to prints
    • HP Click and intuitive scanning workflows enable impressive production delivery, with both instant and sustained speeds at 6 pages per minute and easy submission.[9]
  • Keeps costs under control
    • The HP Smart Tracker SW uses half the power consumption and tracking capabilities, running at lower cost than LED.
  • Device consolidation
    • Combining color technology and workflow efficiency, the printer delivers stunning prints with vivid colors, crisp lines, fine detail, and smooth grayscales that beat LED.[10]

HP DesignJet T100/T500 – Simplified large format printing designed with a smaller footprint

Ideal for architecture studios and AEC offices preferring a smaller footprint, the HP DesignJet T100/T500 printers are HP’s most affordable plotters, offering a convenient solution for on-demand printing. The printers are also the first DesignJet plotters capable of automating repetitive workflows.

  • Built-in small format tray
    • The 2-1 built-in A3 and A4 paper trays enable seamless printing of quality drawings.
  • HP Bright Office Inks
    • HP Bright Office Inks allow for high quality printing on a wide range of applications, including sharp lines and precise details with up to 2400 DPIs and original HP-GL/2 compatibility.
  • HP Click
    • The HP Click function makes PDF printing simple with just one click, optimizing media usage and costs while achieving error free printing for projects including batch printing.
  • HP Poster App
    • The HP Poster App is an easy online design tool with thousands of free templates which can be used to create and print professional posters.
  • HP Smart
    • The HP Smart app allows mobile printing through smartphone devices, with easy access to files saved on online repositories.
    • The Smart Task feature allows printing, uploading files to cloud, and sharing with relevant teams through email in one process.

Pricing and Availability

Information on country availability, pricing, and retail destinations vary region by region.[11]

Learn More

HP DesignJet T1600 and T2600 printers at

HP DesignJet XL 3600 MFP at

HP PageWide XL 3900

HP DesignJet T100/T500 at

About HP

HP Inc. creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. Through our product and service portfolio of personal systems, printers, and 3D printing solutions, we engineer experiences that amaze. More information about HP Inc. is available at


Vanessa Forbes, HP

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[1]Applicable to the HP DesignJet T1700 Printer series, HP DesignJet Z9⁺PostScript® Printer series, and HP DesignJet Z6 PostScript® Printer series, HP DesignJet XL 3600 Multifunction Printer series, HP DesignJet T2600 Multifunction Printer series, and HP DesignJet T1600 Printer series. Advanced embedded security features are based on HP review of 2019 published embedded security features of competitive printers, as of February 2019.

[2]Quocirca, Global Print Security Landscape (2019). According to Quocirca, “Print related data breaches are frequent and costly. 11% of all security incidents are print related, equating to an average of nine print-related incidents per year. 59% of these lead to data losses, costing an average of

£313,000 per-annum to deal with. Other impacts include lost productivity and revenue.” For more information, please see:

[3]HP Internal Research (2018). One of the main learnings resulting from the research carried out by the Customer Experience and Design team in relation to workgroup environments was that in 76% of architectural offices, people with large format printing needs ask content creators to print for them monthly, creating a potential source of conflict within the office. The study was done with a total sample of 27 customers including: a c-space survey, call interviews, in-house usability tests and field visits.

[4]Based on comparable submission printing software from competition. Printing a 5-page project of PDF Mixed job set containing A1 size landscape and portrait documents.

[5][5]See product data sheet for more information.

[6]Based on comparable printers using LED technology and capable of printing 4-6 D/A1 pages per minute and which represent more than 70% of the share of low-volume LED printers in the US and Europe according to IDC as of November 2018. Conclusions based on internal HP testing for a use scenario printing a 100% print-coverage plot on a 914mm plain paper roll, while an original plot is scanned, resulting of an average of 120W. This measure is used to obtain the safety CB Report Certificate under IEC 60950-1.

[7]Based on comparable printers using LED technology and capable of printing 4-6 D/A1 pages per minute and which represent more than 40% of the share of low-volume LED printers in the US and Europe according to IDC as of November 2018. Measure done considering operational footprint (with the media drawer open).

[8]Based on comparable printers using LED technology and capable of printing 4-6 D/A1 pages per minute and which represent more than 70% of the share of low-volume LED printers in the US and Europe according to IDC as of November 2018. Most quiet operation according to internal HP testing of operation mode and ready/sound mode sound pressure (plain paper, line drawing, normal mode) compared to published specifications of competitive printers and following ISO 7779.

[9]See product data sheet for more information.

[10]For output produced with HP PageWide XL printers and LED printers from different manufacturers and that represent greater than 50% of the annual shipments of LED printers in North America as of 2018 according to IDC. For testing criteria, see

[11]Pricing and availability subject to change.

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Konica Minolta Named as Marco Vendor of the Year

Technology Giant Honored with Dealer’s Inaugural Award

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce it is the first recipient of Marco’s Vendor of the Year award, a new designation to recognize its technology partners.

The award started as part of Marco’s Gold Standard initiative, which is founded on pillars of Employee Engagement, Community Support, Vendor Partnerships and Client Satisfaction. Marco implemented the unique recognition in support of the Vendor Partnerships area.

“We wanted to see how our vendors are performing, which vendors are excelling and what opportunities we have for improvement,” said Scott Roeder, Vice President of Operations, Marco.

During the decision-making process, Marco narrowed their vast vendor list to the top 20 businesses. “We chose vendors we purchased over $1 million dollars from annually,” explained Roeder.

Marco’s committee used scorecards to rank the vendors (on a scale of one to five) in categories of cost/pricing, supply chain, production and quality. Elite print technology provider Konica Minolta earned impressive scores in all areas.

In fact, Konica Minolta received the highest overall scoring in every category surveyed. “Konica Minolta’s representatives have given Marco exceptional customer service,” Roeder detailed.

For their first-class performance, Konica Minolta received the inaugural Vendor of the Year Award at the Strategic Planning session, an annual event that includes about 100 Marco leaders. The session devoted time to honoring Konica Minolta. Bill Corry, Vice President of Dealer Sales, and Alison Seltzner, Strategic Account Manager, accepted the award.

“Konica Minolta has consistently been a top performer with Marco, and we work together to make sure both our organizations are improving. I think the award was very impactful to Konica Minolta, and it was a great way to recognize them and their commitment to excellence,” said Roeder.

 “We are honored to accept the first Vendor of the Year award from our longstanding partner, Marco,” said Laura Blackmer, Senior Vice President, Dealer Sales, Konica Minolta. “This recognition underscores our mutual commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and customer service.”

About Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. is reshaping and revolutionizing the Workplace of the Future™ ( with its expansive smart office product portfolio from IT Services (All Covered), ECM, Managed Print Services and industrial and commercial print solutions. Konica Minolta has been recognized as the #1 Brand for Customer Loyalty in the MFP Office Copier Market by Brand Keys for 12 consecutive years, and is proud to be ranked on the Forbes 2017 America’s Best Employers list. The World Technology Awards recently named the company a finalist in the IT Software category. Konica Minolta, Inc. has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for seven consecutive years. It partners with its clients to give shape to ideas and work to bring value to our society. For more information, please visit: and follow Konica Minolta on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

 About Marco

Marco is one of the largest technology providers in the country with 61 offices throughout the nation, over 1,400 employees and 35,000 customers nationwide. Marco specializes in business IT services, copier/printer solutions and managed and cloud services. Their technology experts break down complex solutions into simple terms to position your business for success. Learn more at

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Konica Minolta Grew Its IT Services Businesses by 14 Percent in Financial Year 2018

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Konica Minolta Grew Its IT Services Businesses by 14 Percent in Financial Year 2018

Langenhagen, Germany, 20 May 2019

“In Europe, Konica Minolta already has 31.700 IT customers today – and we are winning new ones every day,” says Yoann Fortini, ITS GTM Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe. He adds: “This shows that we are able to meet the demands of large and small companies throughout our different national markets with the solutions we provide, including our one-stop IT solution Workplace Hub that we are increasingly selling to and installing for our customers.”

This customer-centric approach is Konica Minolta’s recipe for success across all of its business fields and laid the basis for its strong position in its conventional office printing market. “In fact, our existing customer base in office printing trusting in our solutions and services is a key factor for our success in IT as well,” explains Fortini. “11 percent of these customers are now relying on Konica Minolta also as a provider for IT services,” he states. These so called ‘hybrid customers’ are an important pillar of Konica Minolta’s growth. They are a driving force behind the fact that entire revenue of IT services was 534 million Euros in the financial year 2018, including the single IT services revenue as well as the IT services and MFP and printer revenue from hybrid customers. This is an increase of 37 percent compared to 2017’s financial year. To further strenghten its position as a full-flegded IT service provider, Konica Minolta has continued its investments in strategic mergers and acquisitions in the past financial year, particularly in Europe. Highlights were the acquisition of the Belgium based IT company Aurelium, the Spanish IT services provider Grupo Meridian as well as seven subsidiaries of SEQUOÏA in France, a leading dealer in Konica Minolta’s network with a particularly strong presence in Grand-Est and Reunion.

 About Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH, based in Langenhagen, Germany, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Konica Minolta Inc., Tokyo, Japan. Konica Minolta enables its clients to champion the digital era: with its unique imaging expertise and data processing capabilities, Konica Minolta creates relevant solutions for its customers and solves issues faced by society. As a provider of comprehensive IT services, Konica Minolta delivers consultancy and services to optimise business processes with workflow automation. The company further offers its customers solutions and managed services in the field of IT infrastructure and IT security as well as cloud environments. With regard to its office printing solutions, ‘IDC MarketScape: Western Europe Smart Multifunctional Peripheral 2018 Vendor Assessment’ stated that Konica Minolta is ‘recognised globally as a leading smart MFP provider of note’. As a strong partner for the professional printing market, Konica Minolta offers business consulting, state-of-the-art technology and software and has established itself as the production printing market leader for more than a decade in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa (InfoSource). In the healthcare sector, Konica Minolta drives digitalisation of clinical workflows and offers a broad range of next-level diagnostic solutions. Its Business Innovation Centre in London and four R & D laboratories in Europe enable Konica Minolta to bring innovation forward by collaborating with its customers as well as academic, industrial and entrepreneurial partners. For its solutions that combine ‘smart service with smart technology’, Konica Minolta was awarded the prestigious ‘Buyers Lab PaceSetter Award for Outstanding Serviceability 2018/2019’ from Keypoint Intelligence. Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe is represented by subsidiaries and distributors in more than 80 countries in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa. With almost 10,300 employees (as of April 2019), Konica Minolta Europe earned net sales of over EUR 2.39 billion in financial year 2018/19.

For more information, please visit and follow Konica Minolta on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter @KonicaMinoltaEU.

Melanie Olbrich
Konica Minolta
Business Solutions Europe GmbH
Phone: +49 (0)511 7404-5337

[1] Market Insight: Gartner Global Top 100 IT Vendors in 2017, Gartner, 2018,

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Konica Minolta and All Covered Participate in Ride for Jillian

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