Recycling & Sustainability


Used Copier and Printer Refurbishment and Disposition Services

In recent years, there has been an increasing amount of media coverage concerning our planet and the environmental impact of our daily practices and procedures. Vehicle emissions, disposal of waste, pollution of water systems, and deforestation are all contributing to the decline of our ecosystems at rapid rates.  Global warming has also become a heated topic on many political agendas as we begin to look for new ways to decrease our carbon footprint on the Earth. Business and corporations, both large and small, are major contributing factors in the decline of our ecosystems.

As there is a continued amount of stress on our environment, it is the responsibility of individuals and organizations to adopt sustainable practices that will help reverse the negative impact we have placed on our planet.  Sustainability is based on the principle that everything we need to survive depends directly or indirectly on our natural environment. Sustainable practices help to create and maintain conditions in which humans and nature can coexist in harmony while maintaining proper social, economical, and cultural conditions.  With the rapid consumption of natural resources that is taking place, there is an increased pressure placed on organizations to incorporate sustainability into their business practices.

Remarketing Solutions International (RSI) takes pride in our ability to remarket a wide variety of asset classes and our ability to re-purpose 98% of all assets that our leasing partners entrust to us.  While we are best known for our expertise in copier remarketing, we also have a large clientele of buyers who purchase other types of used office products, material handling equipment, and even surplus medical equipment. Our skilled technicians have the ability to receive, audit, and prepare all these assets for resale to dealers, wholesalers, and retailers around the globe. By reselling our assets we are able to keep our disposal rate to a maximum of 2%.

In circumstances where the assets are damaged beyond repair or have no secondary market value, RSI recycles all equipment in accordance with federal, state, and local government regulations.  Our assets will never be placed in landfills, rather, they are transported to facilities that break the machines down by each component and reuse and recycle the materials. We also implement new procedures daily to create a more paperless office and increase our sustainable practices in all areas of our organization.

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