Terms and Conditions

Terms of PaymentUpon receipt of this invoice (“Invoice”), unless otherwise stated herein, Buyer must remit to Remarketing Solutions

International, LLC (“RSI”) payment for the equipment listed in this Invoice (“Equipment”). The Equipment will not be released to Buyer

until RSI has confirmed receipt and clearance of payment for the Equipment via wire transfer, bank/certified check or ACH transfer unless

otherwise stated herein. An additional fee equal to 2.5% of the purchase price for the Equipment as quoted herein will be charged for

MasterCard and Visa credit card payments and an additional fee equal to 3.2% of the purchase price for the Equipment as quoted herein

for an American Express credit card payment. Shipping charges are not included in the purchase price quoted in this Invoice unless

otherwise noted herein.


StorageRSI shall notify Buyer of the confirmation of receipt and clearance of the full payment for the Equipment (“Order

Confirmation”). Buyer shall take possession of the Equipment within fifteen (15) days of notice of the Order Confirmation. If Buyer fails

to take possession the Equipment within fifteen (15) days of the Order Confirmation storage charges of $10.00 per piece of Equipment

listed in the Invoice per day will then accrue and shall be paid by Buyer before taking possession of the Equipment.


ShippingBuyer is responsible at its sole cost and expense for arranging a freight carrier to ship the Equipment to Buyer. Buyer also is

responsible for ensuring that the freight carrier will be equipped with all of the necessary safety equipment needed to remove and ship the

Equipment and that the freight carrier is fully licensed and permitted for the shipment of the Equipment. All manifests required by state or

federal law will be properly completed by freight carrier or Buyer and Buyer shall provide a copy of all such manifests to RSI within five

(5) days of shipment of the Equipment from RSI’s storage facility.


DepositsBuyer acknowledges that all deposits are non-refundable.



Buyer acknowledges that the Equipment is used and RSI did not, at any time, use, maintain or have operational control of the Equipment .

The Equipment is sold in “AS IS WHERE IS” condition with all faults. RSI is not responsible for any service or repairs to or replacement

parts for the Equipment on account of any defects thereto or failures in the operation thereof. Buyer acknowledges that it has had the

opportunity to inspect the Equipment and has inspected the Equipment to the extent it deems necessary prior to taking possession of same.

RSI makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, of any kind or nature except that Buyer will acquire RSI’s right, title and

interest in and to the Equipment, free from all liens, claims and encumbrances created by RSI. RSI makes no warranties with respect to the

quality, contents, condition, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the Equipment and no warranties of any kind whatsoever,

regarding patents, trademarks, copyrights or other or intellectual property, whether U.S. or foreign, regarding the Equipment. RSI shall not

in any case or under any circumstance be liable for special, incidental, consequential, indirect or other similar damages arising out of or

relating in any way to the sale of the Equipment to Buyer, breach of contract, negligence or any other theory, even if RSI or its agent has

been fully advised of the possibility of such damages.

Buyer acknowledges and agrees that the Equipment may be subject to federal, state and local laws and regulations restricting its use and

represents and warrants that it will comply with all such laws and regulations.

Buyer further acknowledges and agrees that in purchasing the Equipment, Buyer is not relying on any specific representation or statement

of condition made by RSI regarding the Equipment.

Buyer agrees that Buyer shall save and hold harmless RSI from and against any and all federal, state, municipal and local license fees and

taxes, property taxes, sales and use taxes, and from and against any and all liabilities, obligations, losses, damages, penalties, claims,

actions and suits resulting from, arising out of or imposed upon, incurred by or asserted as a consequence of the sale of the Equipment, or

the ownership, possession, or operation or use of the Equipment by Buyer or any third party.


AcceptanceBy payment of the Invoice, Buyer acknowledges and agrees to the sale of the Equipment and all foregoing Terms and

Conditions, including the Disclaimers.


Copyright ProtectionBuyer acknowledges that the Equipment may contain copyright protected software that must be licensed for use.

It is Buyer’s sole responsibility to comply with all licensing requirements for any copyright protected software.